Top shirt from royalhotshirt 2019/11/02

I don’t care if the guy is dead but let’s just state the obvious, the building was bombed and now he is dead. Not to be skeptical here, but if you believe this video shows a bombed site, you need to get yourself checked out. This site looks like a gravel pit being worked for many years. Even the flat area shows vehicle tracks as the trucks move in to load, turn and move on. Even smaller heaps of gravel on the sides. yes and then coincidentally his body same as bin Laden’s is not shown and nowhere to be found. How convenient. I’m not a Star Wars fan, but I would imagine that those who are, have to be a little relieved by this after seeing this two drive GOT off a cliff. I hope for Netflix’s sake that they’ll be adopting someone else’s finished works, and not writing their own material.