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Now he got it, anything going south now is on him only. Well, the public gets to hear things that happened behind the closed door, interestingly everybody has their side to believe and not taking into consideration that people lied and people say the truth, in such a case, only sufficient evidence can. Since I am abroad who do you think will win the primaries and run against President Trump? And if so do they stand a chance and why? Sorry for the inconvenience and I don’t mean to prove anybody wrong. I just would like to be informed of the political climate in my country. Good Sunday everyone.

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Bear I Just Baked You Some Shut The Fucupcakes Vintage Shirt

Bear Rollin’ With My Home Shirt

Bear That’s What I Do I Drink I Fish And I Know Things Vintage Shirt

Boo Bees Halloween Vintage Shirt

Cat You Smell Like Drama And A Headache Please Get Away From Me Vintage Shirt

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I’m A Strong Gindependent Woman Shirt

Jesus Did Not Die For Me My Angestors Did Shirt

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Native Not All Who Wander Are Lost Shirt

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30th Birthday 2020 The Year When Shit Got Real #quarantine Shirt

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Bigfoot And Alien I Hate People Halloween Shirt

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