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That’s funny made me kinda laugh acknowledging reality about the obvious concerning most. Gossip or whatever we all need to be kind to each other. And for those who feel victimized by such gossip n magazines, it’s important to develop resilience, coz this world is never idealistic but more so based. I love this little man all over social media is a farse and will serve only to continue bullying in the future. This is now the kid’s legacy and bad people will take advantage of it, that’s just what people are like. People like to pull wool over their eyes in these situations and pour money into sponsorship. Also, I will get this lad. But these selfish people are making videos on YouTube of him saying bad things but I don’t get it. So many kids out there are born this way and we should show some love just because you have good looks doesn’t make you perfect either remember we all take a shower and use the same toilets quit judging I’m sorry but there are videos.

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