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Rather than all these promises, why don’t they concentrate on getting those no voters to vote? Not by promises but about the importance of voting. If that of the country actually voted, wouldn’t we have a more democratic and reflective parliament? Leaving the bribery aside, I believe dental services in the U.K. has been mismanaged and left to the so-called ‘free market’ wimps, no one is in charge. This causes serious service implications for us except some greedy professionals who are charging unreasonable and unrealistic prices. Dental health has been shown to be very important for overall health and we are as a nation are disadvantaged seriously. 5 Seconds into the video, Golf Cabrio, with an illegal front number plate. 12 Seconds later Nissan 350Z with no front number plate, and near the end there’s a classic Beetle with obscured front number plate and I’m guessing illegally smoked rear lights.

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