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Because he is a terrorist! Shoot him anyway, that’s the only way to deal with these cancers on society. You cannot change these people. Where is your concern for the two innocents that died? he was wearing a suicide vest…what else were they supposed to do? Risk people getting blown up? They were doing their job and I feel sorry for the person who had to pull the trigger as I’m sure it’s not going to be something they forget any time soon. I’m sure given the choice they wouldn’t pick to kill someone. He had a fake bomb. Police and military are trained to shoot at the head to neutralize the threat. Destroy the brain instant death and no after death twitching that could detonate a bomb trigger. Is that the system of corruption and greed. The system where authority turns a blind eye to the rape and murder of child the system that turns a blind to the honor killings because someone falls in love with another from a different caste.