Top shirt from luxurioushirt 2019/11/09

The more you play, the faster your debt to British society is settled. Do the right thing Brexiters. taxing the air you breathe is bigger than Brexit. I often wondered how the world could go to war, but after joining social media and experiencing the ignorance of people and what they will believe in I begin to understand. The old Nazis used to race. The Old commies used class. The new nazis and commie are using the climate to convince people to do horrible things in the name of saving the planet. It’s true that there are so many issues each needs a platform, but I bet a dollar the conservative party in the UK will run on a single platform and that is Brexit. So they will win against a divided opposition. In short, Brexit is a fact and the UK better just accept it and move on. There is no way the opponents will coalesce and stop this.