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I’m sure a lot of missed invites are because people can’t get an appointment at the doctors to have it done. For those in countries where smear tests don’t happen, I can see the positives to the urine test but, to quote the Dr in the post, ‘Pretty accurate ‘ doesn’t cut it for me! It’s a no brainer in the UK, get the original smear test done! Takes less than a minute to collect the sample by fully trained nurses! What if the kits aren’t done properly? Some women can’t reach or do it tidily, that means that inaccurate results will show surely? Women need to get it done professionally, with no exceptions. Yes, there are reasons for not wanting to get it done by a nurse but what’s worse having a two-minute job done with more accurate results or inaccurate results leading to possible cancer because the check wasn’t sufficient enough? You’ll have people suing when they find they have cancer and the day job didn’t detect it.