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I’m not trumped fan, but l find it easier to believe him about drinking than l do Judge Kavanaugh. Why? I honestly don’t know but l don’t believe Kavanaugh. He is so out of control. Lots of young people drank heavily in youth. Perhaps, even sought treatment for addiction. But if you observe something as wrong in life, and you fix it, when asked did you ever do that thing, you still say yes. Yes, I drank very heavily into my 20’s, but as maturity sank in, it didn’t become such a thing in my life. That’s not what Kavanaugh said. He protested so loudly, it really raises suspicion. Sexual assault is the issue at hand. The drinking might have led up to that, but the focus needs to be kept on what he did or did not do, which might have harmed another person. It’s one thing drinking loads in high school. It’s another thing sexually assaulting people.