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kill innocent people, hold China government responsible, stop being timid to say the truth… People died every day enough is enough…Why? Why are you in China?!  It seems as if CNN is unnecessarily putting American lives at riskWhy haven’t People caught on that this is not news….?? This is just fear mongering. CNN no longer reports the news but maintains their desired narrative. That is the power they have assumed over your life. Time for humanity to wake up from it’s media stupor and get back to what makes us human ; thinking and feeling for ourselves.. . Not what media tells us to.The. World hopes that amonge others will be Trumpon and his criminal entreprise. Namely,… Pence

I’m Not Sure What My Spirit Animal Is But I’m Confident It Has Rabies Vintage Shirt

Anime Weil Menschen Scheisse Sind Shirt

I Raise Tiny Dinosaurs Chicken Shirt

Grandma Like A Normal Grandma Only More Awesome Shirt

Glamma Like A Normal Grandma Only More Awesome Shirt

Gaga Like A Normal Grandma Only More Awesome Shirt

Easily Distracted By Dogs And Fishing Rods Shirt

Cowboys Yellowstone Shirt

Apple Can’t Mask My Love Of Teaching Shirt

Alzheimer’s Daughter Some People Only Dream Of Meeting Their Hero Mine Raised Me Shirt

A Walk In The Woods Helps Me Relax And Release Tension The Fact That Shirt

Teachers Can Do Virtually Anything Shirt

Si Ya Saben Como Me Pongo Ipa Que Me Invitan Shirt

Ruth Bader Ginsburg When Injustice Becomes Law Rebellion Becomes Duty Shirt

Person Woman Man Camera TV Shirt

NWA 33rd Anniversary 1978 2020 Thank You For The Memories Signatures Shirt

Motorcycle This Is How I Social Distance Shirt

Mermaid I Ride Seahorses Because Brooms Are For Amateurs Shirt

Liverpool Premier League Champions 2020 Signatures Shirt

Just A Girl Who Loves Sloths Shirt

John Wick Be Kind To Animals Or I’ll Kill You Shirt

Joe Kelly Nice Swing Bitch Shirt

Joe Kelly Fight Club Nice Swing Bitch Shirt

Jesus Saves Baseball Shirt

I’m Only Here To Close My Ring Shirt

I’m Not An Alcoholic But My Friends Are Wo When They Drink I Do Too Cause I’m Supportive Like That Shirt

I Enjoy Romantic Walks Through The Casino Straight To The Slot Machine Shirt

Horror Character Rolling Rock Shirt

Don’t Blame Me I Didn’t Vote For Him Shirt

Bigfoot On A Dark Desert Highway Cool Wind In My Hair Shirt

Autoneum Inside Me Covid-19 2020 I Can’t Stay At Home Shirt

Anime Weil Menschen Scheisse Sind Shirt

1D One Direction 10th Anniversary 2010 2020 Thank You For The Memories Shirt