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the the WH and the senate, well they should have thought about that at Trumps impeachmentSo Trump speaks against Chinese treatment of Hong Kong; but, then acts the same way toward left beliefs & groups speaking out against racism- these are US citizens with the right to free speech. Some individuals have behaved violently; but the majority are not being violent. Pay attention and vote!he is just stoking the fire, he wants this and I would not be surprised iff he isnt behind the ones coming in after peaceful protests and starting the riots, He is probably the one paying for it, He needs to go and not in JAN but NOW I am not sure our country can hold up til Jan.The White House was informed by local governments that both alt left and alt right organizations were inciting the violence.

All I Need Today Is A Little Bit Of Bulldog And A Whole Lot Of Jesus Shirt

I’m A Knotty Knotty Hooker Vintage Shirt

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I’m A Knotty Knotty Hooker Vintage Shirt