Top shirt from jeepworpes 2020/5/21

the second this began in China!  Better stop eating.Thanks but I’ll continue making a dish water for my groceries, better to be safe than sorryMy brother-in-law is a cook at a local restaurant has came down with the coronavirus  YUK! i mean…it’s walmart. Last time I went to Walmart there was a literal turd on the ground IN the entrance. People just walked around it like it was normal. I avoid Walmart at all cost. ewww Nancy  are there but the other harmful viruses might be there as well.the cashier was spraying the guys groceries today..haha..i would not have approved.

Turn California Red Shirt

Biker Dad Like A Normal Dad Only Cooler Vintage Shirt

Papa Knows Everything And If He Doesn’t Know He Makes Stuff Up Shirt

Liverpool Dad A Son_s First Hero A Daughter_s First Love Shirt

Korn 2020 Pandemic Covid 19 In Case Of Emergency Cut This Shirt

Joe Biden Creepy Hell No Sleepy Joe Shirt

Grandad 2020 Quarantined Father’s Day Shirt

Frito Lay Inside Me Covid-19 2020 I Can_t Stay At Home Shirt

Darth Vader Who_s Your Daddy 2020 Shirt

Dad Of An Autistic Jedi Star Wars Shirt

Cats The Best Therapist Has Fur And Four Legs Shirt

Black Father A Man Who Has Stepped Up Shirt

19 Blue Bloods Year 2010 2020 Signatures Shirt

You Cant Control The Wind But You Can Adjust The Sails Vintage Shirt

When It Gets Hot My Top Comes Off Shirt

Warning Hockey Dad Will Yell Loudly Vintage Shirt

Wanted For Crimes Against Humanity Bill Gate Sunset White Shirt

Unicorn Donut I Don’t Care Shirt

True Reel-igion Fishing Vintage Shirt

Thc2 Glass Rolling Enstein Syndicate Vintage Shirt

Turtle Fast As Fuck Vintage Shirt

Some Girls Are Just Born With Welding In Their Veins Shirt

Professional Turnip Dealer Farmer Vintage Shirt

Princess Of Feral Cats Shirt

Poker Everything Will Kill You So Choose Something Fun Vintage Shirt

Please Dont Try Me Try Jesus Hes Still Working On Me Shirt

On A Dark Desert Highway Cool Wind In My Hair Car Hippie Girl Vintage Shirt

Never Underestimate An Old Man With An Excavator Shirt

Negative Ghostrider The Pattern Is Full Shirt

Luke I’m Your Phoropter Vintage Shirt

Jesus Saves Goalkeeper Football Soccer Vintage Shirt

I Believe In Tara Reade Shirt

I Am A Simple Girl Jagermeister Flop And Paw Shirt

Hike More Worry Less Vintage Shirt

Hairstyle I’ll Cut You Vintage Shirt

Father’s Day Reel Cool Papa Fishing Vintage Shirt

Chihuahua Happy Father_s Day To My Amazing Daddy Thanks For Putting Up With My Mom Shirt

Biker Dad Like A Normal Dad Only Cooler Vintage Shirt

Beware Of The Goat Vintage Shirt