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It’s amazing to me how people with clout can all get behind and so vigorously the murder of innocents. It’s just sad man. Imagine all this power and influence being put behind adoption options and prevention plans. that’s a way to much effort for something that is not popular, much better to just end the lives of babies by destroying their tiny little bodies, in the name of being able to do what I want with my body? The problem is, it’s not your body that is being torn apart or poisoned to death. Need to come up with a better argument for murder. Lemme get this straight. Sharia Law is bad because it is an extreme interpretation of religious beliefs, right? And hard Christians seem to be the ones most affronted by it. How is this stupid, stupid, barbaric law any different? Please God, give this brave young woman another chance in life, give her a brighter future, give her the opportunity to make her own choices.