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If you by now don’t understand what happens to animals female and male during the killing and breeding process then honestly you’re just a fool. As I walked down the dairy aisle of my local market, I realized that almost everything is encased in plastic milk, yogurt, soft butter, margarine, cheese, juices sigh. It will take longer than a year to figure out alternate methods of delivery. And my state just voted in a moratorium that disallows any city or local government from implementing any kind of ban, tax or fee on single-use plastics. They’re squarely in the camp of the consumer packaging lobby and plastics lobby. He’s even worse than I imagined. I am extremely saddened by his policies and the continual lies and ignorance. He has sent our country back to the worst of 1950s racism, misogyny, bigotry, and warmongering. Our land, water, and air protections have been reversed and he refuses to listen to experts. He flaunts and breaks laws and no one is able to hold him accountable.