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The principle of ‘polluter pays’ should be applied much more strictly. Everyone knows, everyone agrees and everyone says we have to do something yet unless everyone stops buying the single-use plastic wrap goods, start pushing themselves out of their comfort zones. we will just descend into chaos and face a similar fate knowingly. that s a bizarre narcissist title BBC News, don’t u think? Shouldn’t you rather now and right now. when you get guts sick you stop eating crude veggie right. here the Earth is gutted sick from human mistreatments each and every single one of us from power positions to single one of us must stop molesting earth quit plastic, garbage, pesticides, chemicals spilling in rivers, drilling, over energy consumption. Could you think about Earth as a Being vomiting humans, scratching her back off the Disease humans? More people need to understand these phenomena so that we elect politicians who act on protecting the environment.