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The criminals in my country run the government. Other criminals living out in our posh villages who haven’t yet gotten what they deserve decades after committing their crimes helped our political criminals into the govt positions they are in. All the perks the criminals in Norway are getting right now are what our government criminals (and their unjailed rich criminal friends who happen to be walking around free on the streets right now) already have and more. A cushy jail like Norway’s works for Norway. Try adjusting that to the Philippine context and I will be glad to listen to you. Before applauding Norway factor in they have a population of just 5.5 million. The crime was low in comparison to the population count before this system of rehabilitation. They have strict immigration policies. Their tax rate is very high so they can afford to pay for such policies. I stopped cursing n my life seems happier easier and I attract positive people and energy. I’m not gonna read this bc I’ve lived both ends of the spectrum. The vibrations of curse words are negative and since we are only a bag of intelligence fueled particles vibrating at just right frequency to remain in the state of matter we are.