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It sounds like, based on the comments here, that she is wearing a headscarf for religious reasons. In fact, she said this in her documentary that she wears it because of her mother. According to her wearing headscarf has nothing to do with religion and it is a cultural thing. She also said that her mother is uneducated so she still practices the Islamic culture. Here in USA separation of church and state, I am sure she could teach in a private school, I did not know she had even gotten her teaching credentials I thought she was still a student. Time flys. This is hypocrisy! She is a Nobel Prize winner, an advocate for women’s education because education is freedom and he is the author of a law that discriminates against women in education in an apparently advanced western society. The problem is promoting that one group is innately superior or has more worth. So if a person is respecting others then let them have their symbols that speak to their heart, family, and community. If they are being disrespectful and exclusionary, then we should challenge that as the thing that is unacceptable.