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Just shows the mentality between different parts of the world and unionism. You get a computer to remember the languages. You did know Alexa, Siri, Cortana are not telephone operators and don’t really know all those languages they speak? Basically, in the 80s, there were revolutionary advances in digital computing which led the indigenous people of earth to store and compute huge amounts of data in seconds… so when you hear your phone speaking to you in some unknown language, remember, your phone can speak to you in an unknown language. Keen if we forget the past we have no future if we looked after the earth it wouldn’t be dying so let’s listened to the people who care for items never mind space sort out our own planet first and foremost. A better question might be ‘Why do you save them? different languages divide different people. It always has been throughout history. I’m sure that the very people who decry nationalism will be the ones spouting off about keeping or reinvigorating old languages. Keeping the division going.