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At that time, I lived so well Game of Crohns Game of Thrones shirt, so afraid, that I did not dare to eat awkwardly because I thought that I could do anything bad and I would die. Many trees are high, so the owl likes to stay, and every night calls near and near. At that time, I lived so well, so afraid, that I did not dare to. In fear, there is a bit of excitement. Want to turn away but also very curious and curious. Afraid, but like to watch horror movies, come to the creepy part to cover your face. The most feared person always has a collection of the most ghost stories. This content belongs to Nicefrogtees. And imagination is used to the fullest. The bamboo trees rubbed together during the night, the sound of the owls, the hand of dry banana pretending to fly in the night, some big gray butterflies silently perched on the wall, a slightly dark and cold corner. Even running on the road, the sound of his footsteps that thought the ghost foot chase.