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Then he slipped away from the silver mosaic wave Attitude of a man essence of a woman shirt, one hand covering his nose as if by doing so he could hold his breath longer. Right in front of Nhi. Not kicking, struggling. Crouched into the sea like a child coming into her mother’s lap, like a leaf falling to the ground. The wave spreads over the stack just disappearing without any vortex or fracture. Even if he did not see his husband shaking and shaking his mane, he did not worry, while diving, he would have moved to another place, and somewhere in the crowd of people who were diving in the sea at the end of the summer. Later the beach rescue team kept tormenting Nhi, seeing that the person did not emerge, she woke up, all the time before announcing. The wind and the waves like this do not lie in a place and wait. So they said when the boat pulled the nets.