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And in winter the opinions are divided, the very cold days predispose to stay inside the home, waiting for the warm sun, however, I particularly love it! I have tried to make Paloma see how to find beauty, also enjoy other sensations, what advantages we can get in those months, inventing pleasant situations, sometimes drawing, painting or cutting, but from three or four years ago One day an idea occurred to me. Meanwhile, I turned on the oven, outside it was very cold, here we did not feel the icy wind, which rocked the trees, the feeling of well-being was perceived in the environment. Flour, yeast, fat, salt, water, we were incorporating everything in a bowl, we waited a while and Paloma took some dough, smiling it showed that he was happy. I began to tell him what he had to do while I was doing the same thing, muffins, lambs, braids, muffins etc, we filled two fountains that came out smoking from the oven.