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I couldn’t care less what his punishment is. Whether it’s a fine or burning at the stake, it will not bring his victims any comfort. Let’s be honest, justice is a dangerous myth. That’s why I devote my life to helping victims while giving police the finger he should be incarcerated in solitary confinement in a 3 meter by 3 meters by 3-meter cell with only a bucket to be used for urine and feces! The cell should have absolutely no windows and no sink, no tap, no mirror, nothing. Even barmier, I went on a day out, again back in April were half way through the day I had to swap mine and the kids woolly hats for sun hats and glasses! My biggest tip for anyone visiting Britain (especially in spring or autumn) dress in layers !!! (And take a big bag wherever you go for a mid-day change from winter to summer hh the ever-changing British weather where we only have 2 seasons.