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The judicial system in this part of the world is a joke, it’s a circus and it doesn’t benefit the victims of crimes as it focuses too much on the human rights of offenders. My heart goes out to the family. You cant even comprehend the pain they are going through. This is a ‘perfect’ example of how dangerous all transport on our public roads can be when the wrong person is in charge of it. So sad, will never know how folk manages. Losing a child any age must be the worst pain on this earth. Drunk driving should have the same punishment as murder. God bless you both. There are no words to help you. Self-interest! Don’t get angry, read it first. The correct charge should have been manslaughter, the sentence should be life. The problem is that juries were reluctant to convict a person for manslaughter for a driving offense. Why? Because a majority of jurors were/are motorists. We allow people to drive cars that kill and maim on a daily basis because we all want cars for one reason or another. licenses firearms, which kill less than one percent of those killed in road traffic collisions are restricted and controlled to extremes.