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The treaties are default treaties that all countries abide by. The treaties are probably revised versions of old treaties created back in the Ronald Reagan days when countries were disarming and disposing of nuclear weapons. If a country breaks the terms of a treaty, in reality, the treaty just gets put on hold until it can be resolved. In the Iran case, the treaty will not get resolved until Iran reduces its uranium stockpile. He said that prosecutors should have made it clear to the girl that pressing charges against the boy, who was an eagle scout with good grades, would destroy his life. This is for all the people who argue that movements like Me Too and Black Lives Matter are irrelevant today. The world is still one where wealth, prestige and a white skin get you preferential treatment. Disgraceful. It should be clear to all that action needs to be taken against the judge. Clearly, any of his former decisions regarding crimes against women must be considered questionable if this is his opinion of what constitutes rape. It’s disappointing that when a case like this comes into the light there are people that don’t act justly.