Tom Brady Noting to see her just little avocado tequila shirt

Then, my father looked him dead in the eye and said in Tom Brady Noting to see her just little avocado tequila shirt, if you don’t quiet down and continue being a brat, I will slap you. My father is a middle aged man who went and learn kung fu in China, the earth shakes when he gets mad. The only person who could stop him was our mother. My mom slapped his arm and said, YOU WILL NOT SLAP MY CHILD in a voice I’ve only heard her speaking in when my father accidentally hit me on my spine with a cane. They proceeded to break into my house and call CPS, telling them I was dragging my kids around half the country, at all hours of the night, doing who knows what. (CPS cleared me.) When I confronted her about it, she claimed that I was supposed to let her know when I was going out. I flipped out! I’d been married for over six years, and had never let my parents or my in-laws know when I had plans for anything, and I darned well wasn’t going to start now! If my FIL hadn’t backed me up, I probably would have gone “no contact” with them. Woke” types should be removed from their positions, no matter what it is, and all assets confiscated and used to deprogram society. Then set up a system in which they are completely removed from society and given the bare minimum to survive and shamed. After all, this is what they want to do to those who don’t agree. You can’t fight their insane authoritarian lies and stranglehold on society by playing nice. “Woke” types have zero use anywhere. Yes they do, they absolutely do. Narcissisim is at its very core the need for validation of the false self. The problem is that narcissists never want you to catch them. They want you to praise them, seek their attention. They need your validation. That said a Narcissist never wants you to see below the surface. They do not want you to see they person they truly are because this is the person the false image is meant to hide.Tom Brady Noting to see her just little avocado tequila shirt

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