Simple Starbase, Tx Spaceship Graphic Shirt

Simple Starbase, Tx Spaceship Graphic Shirt

Simple Starbase, Tx Spaceship Graphic Shirt On a warm afternoon in March, after sharing a delicious spread of Kashmiri goodies and pani puri, we cut a buttercream cake in our New Delhi studio. We were saying goodbye to our studio manager, a rock who had kept our team laughing for years. It was bittersweet to see her leave—she was moving to Mumbai, about to get married, and giddy with excitement. Afterward, the two of us sat down with our little chai cups filled to the brim to discuss how cute our team was, and finalize plans for NorBlack NorWhite’s 11th birthday sale on April 20.

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Things were far from normal. Simple Starbase, Tx Spaceship Graphic Shirt The candles on the cake had been blown out with a hand fan, and we sat awkwardly far apart, slipping our masks on and off as we took bites and chatted. At the time, though, things seemed to be getting better; the case count in India was low, against all expectations. We sat there thinking, Is this the end? By mid-April, everything changed. As cases in Delhi began to rise, we decided to shut down our studio for the safety of our team and canceled our birthday sale. One week later, the city went into lockdown, and the country has been gasping for breath ever since.

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