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Yeah, it wouldn’t have anything to do with corruption or incompetence on Maduro part, and that clown that came before him. The government has taken control of every functional business in the country and run it into the ground. It had nothing at all to do with the corruption or the complete lack of investment in the infrastructure. Of the oil industry that was Venezuela’s bread and butter. Size of the body is also irrelevant obesity is to do with the number of calories consumed. In America, kids eat sweets and fried food by choice find me one Venezuelan child that wouldn’t kill to be American hungry irrelevant if a family can’t afford the good food.

Your boyfriend sucks shirt

Not that I like him but comparing to trump’s millions of free advertising is a bit of an injustice. I can’t possibly conceive that Trump might be smarter and more likable than Mini Mikey. Bloomberg should just play his usual role: buy politicians and elections from behind the sceneHeck, he should have just asked DJT and family if they would take half billion for him to step down as President.

Your boyfriend sucks s hoodie

He’d institute the same statist infringements on individual liberty that he was a proponent of as NY Mayor for 12 years. The man is an anti-gun, anti-rights, police surveillance state, ivory tower elitist. I think we should honor the man for all the good he has done and he has done a lot of good.He could not have done it any other way without losing control of the spending. He is spending his billions to elect the next great Democratic president, senate and House. Trump is a Buffoon who has not been above 50% approval since he barely got elected.

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