Rick and Morty Happy St Patrick day shirt

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 Dinosaur T-rex and Mickey mouse wrong park shirt

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We raise a few cattle and I can assure you that the fumes that come out of them are not anywhere near as toxic as what comes out of Washington I’m too old and set in my ways to start allowing some arrogant and ignorant person to tell me what I can or cannot do. You don’t mess with old people. people keep talking about the meat no longer being available but what about milk and every dairy product??? This new green deal is garbage Leave my burgers alone please I’m gonna die of something so.

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Captain America Bernie Sanders vs Donald Trump Democratic DNC Convention fell the Bern shirt

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Night Fury and Light Fury I love you the most poster shirt

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Rick and Morty Happy St Patrick day shirt

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I may as well enjoy a delicious juicy greasy dressed cheeseburger She is crazy cows have been around since the beginning of time, I love ice cream beef and milk, my favorite drink. Why don’t we send her to another planet? What about gas stoves, lawnmowers, backhoes, dump trucks, chainsaws, basically every piece of equipment used for building things and keeping our homes warm and up kept.