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I’ve been in the restaurant industry for over 10 years so Paul Wight No More BS shirt, hoodie, sweater and tank top experienced a lot of rude and outright offensive people but one particular incident really stands out to me. I was a manager at a family restaurant, like most of these types of restaurants there is a bar side. We had a gay bartender/server who by the way was a fantastic person and great at his job. One day he was having issues with a guest that sat in his section. He didn’t come to me immediately because he usually can handle these types of situations himself.Paul Wight No More BS shirt, hoodie, sweater and tank top

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Well, he came to me towards the end of service to this table of men and told me that they were just being difficult and rude to him. No matter what he did they would ignore him when he spoke to them, made it almost impossible to serve them. This particular man had asked to see the manager so I went and talked to him. Usually, when a guest wants to talk to a manager it’s because of bad service or bad food, not this man. The just of his conversation with me was how discussing it was for us to hire a gay man. He was one of the worst homophobic people I’ve ever encountered. He refused to pay the gay server and told me how disappointed he was that our company would even hire a gay man. Wellbeing a manager I couldn’t say what was on my mind, how discussed I was by his behavior! I said that our company was an equal opportunity company and we hire on ability. He was not impressed but I calmed him down and convinced him to pay his bill. The cherry on the cake in this situation was he asked me if he tipped would the tip go to me or the gay server… I lied and said it would come to me, he tipped well (I’m sure it’s because I’m a white female and am considered ‘pretty) and of course, I made sure the server got this tip!

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