One Piece 3d2y Luffy Ace and Sabo shirt

Maybe embarrassing isn’t the word for this, it was One Piece 3d2y Luffy Ace and Sabo shirt. My brother was a short distance from an older member of the management team working on a display from atop a fairly tall stepladder. Somehow he tripped and fell head first to the floor, bounced slightly and lay dead in a growing pool of blood. This sort of makes wardrobe failure seem insignificant. This friend ate, and ate, and ate. He then had tons of pop and wedding cake. He started acting weird, then declared that he had consumed too much sugar and needed to work it off. I honestly couldn’t think of what he could mean….or do…..and then he just took off out of the hall and proceeded to run laps outside. In plain view of the entire group. I couldn’t even laugh, because this fool was sitting with my immediate family. I think I literally hissed at my mom….how could you bring someone here that wasn’t invited.One Piece 3d2y Luffy Ace and Sabo shirt

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She honestly couldn’t understand she had done anything wrong. My brother was clueless….he was still in Jr. High or High School. I don’t believe anything else happened after that, and we spent the rest of the evening celebrating and dancing. They left early…..the dancing part wasn’t for them. And maybe he was tired from his laps and sugar crash. As a backyard mechanic for friends and family, yes. But in the old days you just did this anyway as you came across someone broken-down at the side of any highway ot road. You did this to pay it forward for when your vehicle will eventually also break down. Never did I ever expect or ask for anything in return, and many times I’ve helped people all over the roads of Ontario, Quebec, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, New York, Pennsylvania, and a few other states as needed. It’s amazing the wonderful people you meet all over the place, ready to help you without asking for as much as a cup of coffee, an you in return doing the same. I call it the trucker or farmers helping hand.


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