Motorcycle on a dark desert highway cool wind in my hair shirt

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Why show the importance of a helmet when the importance should be not to drive like a bat out of hell on a rainy day with your GF behind you??? Common sense rainy weather and a motorcycle at top speeds don’t add up they only equal an accident waiting to happen!! Anyone else notices he was riding/driving like a douchebag? Cutting off cars, driving between cars, way too fast for conditions They were saved from the full body leather too. Your head isn’t useful if the rest of your body has been skinned.

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Motorcycle on a dark desert highway cool wind in my hair shirt

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She needs a new boyfriend, he endangered everyone’s life riding like that in the freaking rain. My son was killed one year ago when the lady in Phoenix pulled out in front of him he could not stop in time he did not have a helmet on it ripped the top of the skull open and he died on the spot. It may have been an accident that he walked away from! Helmets save lives!