Minnie Mouse Diabetes Awareness shirt

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I am not team Brianna by any stretch of the Minnie Mouse Diabetes Awareness shirt, nor am I team Kail. I am Team Girl Code. What happened in Javi and Kail’s marriage is between them, but come on Brianna – dating the Ex-Husband of someone you are working with is just dirty. Then when they confront you all you say is, “We just friends.” This ain’t high school. Woman up (and not in front of your mother and sister so you can be bold) Go to Kail, and say, hey, we are flirty with each other, we are thinking about dating. We will keep it away from you and your kids unless it gets serious. Simple, straight forward and real. THAT is being a grown woman or simply tell Javi, we can date AFTER I finish working with her. I can count on one hand how long her and Javi will last. He just wants to hit, because he know he can. I thought Farrah was the worse of the bunch, but Brianna is trying to take that title.

Minnie Mouse Diabetes Awareness shirt

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