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From Saturday 26 September in England – households in Leeds, Wigan, Stockport and Blackpool will be banned from mixing in each other’s homes or gardens.
In Wales, Llanelli will be subject to new rules from 18:00 BST, with Cardiff and Swansea following 24 hours later. How to make people panic buy – tell them not to panic buy. You have to think this is an intentional ruse for whatever reason, how can it not be? Steve Perrin the Logo Limited editions Shirt head chief Dr Mike of Pfizer pharma has told media the virus has gone and that Boris is faking the 2nd peak with tests that pick up on everything,,,,, its got to stop… Ask her why Boris weren’t arrested when he went to meet and greet with the coppers yesterday and he didn’t social distance, didn’t have mask on, shook hands and even sat in police car where neither him or copper have mask on,,, all lies people to push unlicensed vaccines that are not tested for longterm effects,,,,, they all have money in big pharma and the vaccines
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