Life is better with a Groot shirt

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Life is better with a Groot shirt

This was exactly what I needed to hear tonight. When the student is ready the  Life is better with a Groot shirt will appear. I have been struggling with a recent decision. Tonight I chose happiness. This is all I ever wanted for my children – for then to be happy. Now I am choosing happiness for myself. Thank you. Jay Shetty, this is the amazing video with beautiful msg, whenever I found the reason and that reason video getting which is made by you, I can’t say it’s a miracle or tragedy or coincidence but it’s true my reason and your video are coming together, Be Happy.

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This was wonderful on a topic very close to my heart, teaching. It’s a true story of musician John Lennon. Picturized very well. Keep the good videos coming. How l wish everybody understands this. Though a times we do what we don’t need while working towards achieving state of happines. The bottom line is that never compromise what you makes you happy with world demands. Everybody is searching their goal n try to get power, money Wat ever they want But remember without Happiness how could you enjoy.. Don’t prove yourself for others prove yourself with happy and healthy thanks you. J. Setty. Your analysis for life is very useful it has changed my life forever thanks for these precious advice.

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