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Unfortunately, not everyone is a good Flower hippie get your happy on shirt! In the old days, teachers were like family, they treated children with love and respect, that’s not true today. You can count with your fingers the good teachers out there. Sad but true. I was a foster parent and the kids I kept were from a bad situation and their mental health was harmed by the way they were treated and the teachers were horrible to the Joker Faces of Insanity shirt children I have now adopted and my child will not go to a public school there are some good teachers but from my experience they are not that many. I’m so sorry. But you offended. I can tell you that I had wonderful teachers except for one. That was my 8th-grade reading teacher who had us sit according to the quizzes that she would give. They were based on current events. My family did not subscribe to the newspaper. We didn’t watch the news. Therefore, although I was a straight a student, in her class.

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