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Surely there are other options available especially in this day and age when many of us are trying to do the best for our environment before it is totally too late. This article seems to be about one crazy lady who is getting public attention for social justice outrage. I’d imagine her cats are enjoying a break from attention seeking. They’ve also been putting some of my medication into a bottle & then placing it in a box & then putting it into a plastic bag! No need to use additional packaging While praising the old paper bag, they ignore the pills are in a plastic bottle inside, or in plastic blister packs with glue and cardboard and foil. I sent them a message on Twitter several weeks ago about how disappointed I was to receive my prescription in a plastic bag. Needless to say, they’ve not bothered to respond.

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it’s shocking that they think this is OK when there’s a real need to reduce this sort of waste My local hospital does this too. Absolutely disgusted to receive 1 small packet of tablets in a large plastic bag. The Iron Man and Morgan Stark I love you 3000 shirtI asked the lady if she wanted the bag back so they could reuse it and she said no because it had a sticker with my details on it! Ffs I sat there waiting for the prescription, there was no need to put it in a bag! I understand it’s for confidentiality reasons but why not ask the patient if they’d prefer their meds in a bag or given directly to them?

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