You hear the music but you feel the bass vintage shirt

It was a picture he’d drawn. The children had been told to draw a picture of You hear the music but you feel the bass vintage shirt, and the teacher wanted them to think about what they really looked like. She talked to them about having two eyes, two ears, a mouth, a nose, etc. and they all sat down to draw a person resembling themselves. At my home, that law would be unconstitutional and can not be enforced. If you try to enforce this law on me and enter my home without my permission and I shoot you and kill you with the gun you came to confiscate, I’ll walk free at he end of the day for self defense. I believe that parents protect their kids for different kinds of reasons. They want you to succeed in life. They want to shelter you from the crap that life can throw at you. They want you to succeed. However, some people just don’t want to be loved and protected. They may feel that they need to be independent and feel that their parents (etc.) are just being over-protective. As far as those parents go, some people are just not made to be around others or to be members if traditional society. Still others unconsciously behave in ways that makes others put off by them- they don’t love and don’t care to be loved. It’s hard to figure out why some people handle life the way that they do. To answer your question, no, it does not mean that one feels the need to protect them and love them. However, it is perfectly normal for us to love- to seek love and to seek being loved. It’s in our nature as human beings. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. Some parents just don’t seem to want to be loved- nor do they seek to love others. It isn’t necessarily on purpose, but I am not sure exactly why they are this way. You hear the music but you feel the bass vintage shirt

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