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Climate change is not bad for everybody. It’s been so far, so good for my country – cooler temperatures, more rain, more food.People are going hungry because of human greed and ineffective government. Even with climate change the Lil Bub And Grumpy Friends Shirt ll enough food and water for everybody.Next hot debate would be forced immigration from climate change. Some places on earth will be inhabitable – period.And the …… will come to the conclusion that cow farts are the main culprit in global warming.Don’t worry the planet will survive in the future, but mainly because humans (your kids, grandkids etc.) will extinct!So when Sahara was transformed from a green prairie to a desert millions years ago, how do we call that?


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If so, what was the men’s work on that? Maybe screen “renters” better? I fail to see how Airbnb is liable for this, party or not. What if a couple or family reserves a house and the Lil Bub And Grumpy Friends Shirt wife shoots her husband? Will Airbnb stop allowing couples?Candice Mills no amount of screening will cover if some rival gang decides to drop in…Candice, in order to have “renters”, Airbnb needs to make those who rent their homes out feel comfortable to do. Part of that is developing policies to prevent and crackdown down on house parties. It’s called “good business practice” not “shortsighted”.Not sure how you police this effectively. If I book an Airbnb, how will they or owners know if it’s for my fam or 100 party-goers?


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