German Shepherd in a pocket shirt

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I don’t consider her just a dog she is my soulmate my child the moments I have with her ill remember forever from the times I say I’m going to put something on and she runs in the room and waits to sharing apples and other various safe fruit and veg. I’m a parent she eats fruits and veggies its the little things. Jess people can be so cruel and think they Have all the answers. I never got the German Shepherd in a pocket shirt to meet Oakley or her sisters, but I miss her everyday. It is painful to know she is not here on earth. I introduced. Gone to the snow dogs to my granddaughter and.  I think that anyone who has ever used the phrase “just a dog” has never had a dog in their life that got them through their darkest times, that calmed their anxieties and their fears, that made them feel safe, that made them feel not alone, that saved their life, or made everyday brighter. My hope for the world is that everyone would know what it is to have a companion that is to them what my Abby was to me, what Oakley was to you because they make us better people, and the world needs that.

German Shepherd in a pocket shirt

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