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These dogs aren’t even that trained?? Repeated himself multiple times. I just have a yard dog but when I say something, I dont say it twice. If you ask me they need work, for what they are meant for anyways. Surpass my dog’s training though as far as variety. I grew up with a Giant, they’re gentlemen but fiercely protective of their “pack.” He would stand between you and oncoming strangers when out on a walk and once protected my mum from some weirdo. I’ve wanted a giant schnauzer for some time. I read they were very smart and easy to train. Now that I know they’re total badasses I want one even more! Of course, I’d never train a dog to be aggressive.

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My rescue us giant schnauzer mix and he is fearless. It took him a while after I rescued him to recover from his trauma, but he has and he is smart, dedicated and totally loyal to me. These dogs trained for service give their life without question to its master… They have no fear and will attack command. This shows how worthy the Animal life is to us, especially We had a giant Schnauzer called Ralph who was a therapy dog, he and his handler would visit our residents in the nursing home, but he was the first therapy dog to visit ICU in Children’s Hospital.