Fuck you Conor McGregor shirt

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Fuck you Conor McGregor shirt is here uppa Get this T-Shirt and wear this on August 26 to support the champ! Available for men & women T-shirts and men & women tank tops. Can be exclusively purchased at our store Lol they made Conor McGregor’sfuck you pin stripe suit into a shirt Win an original FUCK YOU Pinstripe T-Shirt + Boxing Shorts  all you have to do is comment A for Fuck you Conor McGregor shirt or B for Floyd Mayweather and tag a friend … you can vote until 26.08. and before the first bell of the fight we announce the winner after the fight  good luck! That’s C.J Watson mate. I don’t know who the fuck you are. No disrespect tho kid, keep hustling and stay in school. Now ask yourself why I’m rocking C.J when I don’t know or give a fuck about basketball. I dribble heads off the floor. Not a ball. This is no game here kid.’ McGregor is certainly trolling Floyd Mayweather by wearing that shirt. Watson’s name cropped up during Mayweather’s domestic abuse case in 2010.

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Fuck you Conor McGregor sweat shirt
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Fuck you Conor McGregor tank top
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Fuck you Conor McGregor v-neck t-shirt
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Offcial Fuck you Conor McGregor shirt

Fuck you Conor McGregor shirt and Floyd Mayweather are currently on a shameless theatrical four city promotional tour for their upcoming fight, selling the hell out of the August 26th match by attacking one another in the only way they can right now: with words. Yesterday, Conor McGregor wore a suit with pinstripes that literally had the words “Fuck You” written all over it. He also called out Mayweather for wearing a track suit. At today’s McGregor v. Floyd Mayweather whistle stop in Toronto, McGregor was once again suited up, but this time let his mouth do all of the talking when it came to roasting his opponent—especially what he was wearing. “What the fuck is he wearing?!” Fuck you Conor McGregor shirt said in a trim blue windowpane suit with a white shirt and blue tie in front of massive crowd in Drake’s hometown. “He looks like a little break dancer or something. A little 12-year-old break dancer.” Then McGregor got even more personal by pointing out that Mayweather “is 40 years of age,” and that he should “dress his age.” (He also picked the boxer apart for the “school bag” he carried with him onstage and implied Mayweather couldn’t read. Damn.)