Freddie Purrcury don’t stop meow shirt

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Rick Gardner – He didn’t let people vote you fool, that and jerrymandering. I would tell you to google it, but Trump supporters have trouble with that too, so Stop watching Fake Fox News for an hour and your head might clear. Michelle Frank – Sure Michelle, sure. Don’t worry, when Michelle is in the Freddie Purrcury don’t stop meow shirt House she will do what you are incapable of doing; and that’s supporting all women. You’ll get to benefit for it; and will take full advantage of it, but will secretly mock her for all the work she’ll do in support of women. That’s why someone should pass a law that states all Trump supporters should have a big red  tattooed to their forehead, so we can easily identify you when you jump ship. You’ll look great with one. Jerry, he is still the commander-in-chief and his number one responsibility is to keep this country safe! Whereas the communist judges responsibility is to the Democratic Party.

Freddie Purrcury don’t stop meow shirt

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