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This is me. That feeling I only have The Oregon Trail Settler get in losers we’re going to do die of dysentery shirt when sleeping. But because of a deep sleep, unaware, not ecstatic, happy. That feeling sometimes appears when I crowded in a crowded market. The man was busy, but everyone had to come up and have to stand up, to keep his bag in case of dishonesty, having to argue with each other to pull back a little bit of money. This content belongs to Nicefrogtees. Nobody looked at anything long, their eyes glided over beautiful goods, and she was free. But there, I didn’t have this wind, this grass, sunburnt, the wilderness, the field. According to the wheel of the spinning wheel, my thoughts were floating, so much so that I could not keep up with me. The white trees with white flowers on the side of the road, this demon tree growing up in the cheeks or stabbing with salt to bind its legs.

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