Feliz Navidog Collie Dog Christmas shirt 

The Berger dog is one of the easiest to train. In the early 20th century, they were used for herding. Later, the Berger was used to serve the police in sniffing, tracking, robbing, rescuing, and rescue. The calm and confident nature of this breed makes them very suitable for family pets. They are also very emotional and especially suitable for families with young children.

Similar to other intelligent dogs, Berger also needs to be trained and involved in physical activities to maintain health. It is also used for hunting, rescue and support activities. Human activities, Golden Retriever is considered to be both intelligent and approachable. They are very open, friendly, fun and can “please” you easily. This breed needs daily physical activity like running or walking for good health. You also need to invest time to take care of their thick fur.