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“The first time I tried Glowscreen, a coworker Slacked me to compliment my skin while we were on a Zoom (2020!), so I knew I should forever commit to it. The SPF 40 formula gives me everyday sun protection, while also hydrating via hyaluronic acid and sea lavender. Supergoop describes it as a ‘makeup gripping primer,’ so it’s good for those who want to layer, but as someone with a minimal routine, I use it as an all-in-one item: moisturizer, SPF, and skin perfecter. When the pandemic winter had me feeling particularly haggard, its dewy effect reminded me of summer.” —Ella Riley-Adams, senior living and beauty editor

Not A Drug Guy Shirt

The app was initially founded in 2018, and Walton was brought on in 2020. “I discovered Expectful as a user during my third trimester,” she tells Vogue over a Zoom call. “I had a high-risk pregnancy that was pretty stressful. I’ve been meditating since 2001 but when I started using the Expectful app, I got really into hypnobirthing, and I noticed within a week that my condition started to stabilize. During my maternity leave, an opportunity to work with them presented itself.”

Not A Drug Guy Shirt Hoodie den

“I’m pretty particular when it comes to my deodorant since I have sensitive skin that doesn’t like anything too harsh (baking soda included). That said, I was intrigued when I came across this deodorant by Kosas because of the AHA-infused formula. This was my first time seeing a deodorant developed with the same exfoliating science as my skin care and I figured it was worth a try. Very happy I took a chance on this one (did I mention it also includes hyaluronic acid and aloe vera juice?). It goes on smooth, doesn’t leave any residue at all once dry, and my underarms are noticeably smoother and more even-toned.” —Michella Oré, beauty assistant

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