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I think they should just leave bugs alone. The bugs are doing what they are naturally supposed to do. And that is bugs. Not to be used for technological advances. And surveying Yeah this is messed up a beehive has around 60,000 bees in it so to do the work of one beehive you need 60,000 drones ridiculous just get rid of the poison pesticides and start saving the bees it’s working in the UK Yea, okay, id like to hear you say that after you get bitten by a thousand mosquitos or another bug that’s harmful to you since its what they’re “suppose” to do.

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This is creepy and ethically wrong! Imagine what these could be used for in the future! This could be used by our enemies in war to collect information – they could be used to spy etc! This is scary on so many levels! Privacy is disappearing at a rapid pace Data on what? Does anyone ever ask that question? Plus I don’t think it will be used for military surveillance it will be used to fly right up in our homes.