Who dat chick I’m dat chick shirt

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The irony of this incident is the Who dat chick I’m dat chick shirt was also an immigrant. The difference was the officer was a legal immigrant and his killer was an illegal. Tell me again who is resonsible for the shutdown?  There you go liberals & democrats who want to cry about the wall that will be built. Our safety comes first!!! If you think everyone is a good person then why not unlock your doors at your home and leave your home opened up ok… why not that’s what you crazy people think so go ahead and see how safe you are then and your innocent family & children. michelle is no. one in the fake news poll for first time becuze they are slowly trying to distance themselves from killary they know she will be among the first to go down when the shtf . but on another note confused on most admired female is michelle ob female ? So so tired of the democrats fighting and disrespecting our President.. They wanted the wall now they don’t That’s the problem. they do things out of spite and not what is best for America. Republicans in charge of everything for 2 YEARS and no Wall…now it is an issue?? do the Republicans think people are this stupid??? The Republicans wouldn’t fund or build it for 2 years so they could use it as a wedge issue….now after 2 years of total republican rule, they want us to believe otherwise.

Who dat chick I’m dat chick shirt

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