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To save time I will tell you how this will this go…He will declare it a national emergency, the Cowboysman Aquaman Shirt  Circuit will say he can’t do that the media will try and play it off that the 9th circuit is a fair impartial court and the ruling should be respected, it will go to the Supreme Court and the ruling will be overturned like 80% of the rulings out of that court are and Trump will be proven correct. No it’s not. A border wall will change very little with National Security. Except drive up the budget. More people are starting to take flights to Canada and walking across the Northern Border anyway. Building a wall on the border will not change a thing. It just means they will increase other options like increase the amount of tunnels etc. A national emergency that needs to be declared is the harm the president is doing by keeping government closed The longer it goes on the more harm to more Americans including security at our airports. The security at the border needs to be addressed but not with a wall. If the president would truly look at what is being proposed instead of ignoring it to get his way, he would see the value. If democrats worked half as hard at actually doing any work, as they do pretending to work, they might get something accomplished. They’ll keep the government shutdown just to spite their president. Clearly, ILLEGALS are still their priority, Americans certainly never were. They may as well face it, there will be no open border here, and their new voter base is NOT getting in.

Cowboysman Aquaman Shirt

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