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And lastly, do we want agreeable people or competent people leading the most important research in the world? This is James Damore all over again. Many geniuses are on the spectrum and we need to ask ourselves if throwing them out for speaking out of step is the right thing just because they are men. Women do it all the time. Look at athleticism numbers, this could be largely proven. And this has nothing to undermine women and their contribution capacities because no one contributes to his extremely higher level, especially for a long period.

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The ladies can largely fill the gap with dedication and sincere emotions What a maroon! Women have just as much brain power as men. In some aspects, their way of thinking may even exceed that if their male peers. I think Mr. Strumia should take his lumps, move on and maybe reconsider his sexist statements. That’s the reason I don’t do ‘Together in God’s Family’ when it comes to what goes into my stomach. Don’t even lift my coffee or hot chocolate not even when I see you sip from it. No, thanks I have allergies.