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This is the city where, the day after Rosa Parks died in 2005, elementary school kids told Cornish’s four oldest kids you have to sit in the back of the bus now, she said. That’s where a sixth-grade boy once joked to her son: “How do I get the Blackout of the tree? I cut the cord. That is the place, weeks after her husband died suddenly in 2008, a white boy on the soccer team told her son: “Your mother just voted for Obama because your dad is dead and I will need welfare. ” Since Cornish moved to Southlake more than two decades earlier, these are the kinds of stories discussed between a small group of Black parents and in other words being caught up in the carpet. But the 2018 video cannot be overlooked. Within a few days, it has garnered millions of views on social media and seems to trigger the true soul searching of school leaders and Buy a T-shirt with your own design, new style design!

The district held a parent and student listening sessions, collecting accounts of racist, xenophobic, and anti-homosexual comments such as those by Cornish children. The school board then formed a diverse board of more than 60 parents, teachers, and students to come up with a plan to make Carroll more friendly and inclusive. Then there was the backlash. In hindsight, Cornish said, she should have seen it coming and the Buy a T-shirt with your own design, new style design! This past summer – almost two years after the video went viral – the school board announced a plan requiring diverse and inclusive training for all students as part of the K-12 curriculum, At the same time, amending the student’s code of conduct to specifically prohibit discriminatory behavior, referred to in the document as a violation.

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