Bidenfashion – No honey you’re thinner than Me not prettier shirt

Buy this shirt: No honey you’re thinner than Me not prettier shirt, hoodie, tannk top and long sleeve tee

For sure! Even right now, I’m itching for a change. I may go platinum again… Every season brings out a new Brad. I look through my old videos sometimes, even ones from a couple months ago, and I can’t believe that’s the same person as I am today. I love transforming myself constantly because it gives me that ‘new’ feeling that I’m very much addicted to.

No honey you're thinner than Me not prettier shirt

Eric’s style is forever changing. When he first moved to New York, he could not have had more of a different style from me. He was working in corporate America before he came to work with me, so you can imagine what his style was like. He’s now fallen into his own thing where he likes to look a little punky with the earrings and the colored hair that he usually rocks, but he also likes to tone it down with neutral colors and a more business-casual attire. I’m very loud all the time and he’s a bit more subdued. But our style overlaps on the weekends. I dress him up in my craziest looks and he rocks them.

No honey you're thinner than Me not prettier Bidenfashion hoodie den

The first pair you mentioned comes from an amazing designer named Ricky King who hand-paints his garments. Those pants also have a matching blazer, I have a photo on my Instagram. I’m obsessed with the look! [The second] pants were definitely a look. They’re from Jaded London. At this time in my life, I was just searching for the next loudest garment I could find. Something that would scream hey, I’m here! I think I achieved that with these.

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